Just Keep Moving

“What do I do now?” I’d ask my body in moments of desperate need, paralyzed by what felt like some unbreakable mental state. Her answer has always been “Just keep moving.”

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About Nicole

Nicole Smith Levay is an energy healer and coach who integrates somatics, meditation, and breathwork to help women with anxiety and depression live and love more fully. With a background as a former professional dancer and dance teaching artist, Nicole obtained an MA in Somatic Psychology from CIIS, as well as a Yoga Alliance E-RYT and CEU provider, with over 1000 hours of certification.

Putting this together with her love of travel, she has become a renowned retreat leader at esteemed healing centers. After hosting transformational wellness experiences around the world the past decade she proudly holds 5-star ratings on WeTravel, Google, and Yelp.

One of Nicole’s specialties is coaching high-achieving women who face burnout, helping them reclaim their energy, revive their soulwork, and undergo a transformative reinvention from within. Through her signature program, “Forward Momentum,” Nicole empowers clients to shift from over-giving on autopilot to prioritizing themselves and their purpose work first.

In 2023, she co-authored an international best-selling book with her essay “Just Keep Moving,” a riveting memoir that teaches people how to more deeply connect with their bodies and heal from trauma. She takes a forward-thinking approach to mental health and trauma-informed care, utilizing body-centered techniques to support individuals in moving beyond energetic blocks.